1. L type Diskmill

We deal with the big quantity of flour mills, as there are no big flour plants in Afghanistan ,so the disk mill of L type and Blade type are so popular here.

The L type disk mill is made in china and Pakistan , the facilities are they grind the floor very softly and do not burn the wheat , there are deferant type in the L type disk mill. The common ones we sell here are FFC45 and FFC50 ,only small deference in outlet of wheat .

2. Blade type Diskmill

2.blade type diskmill for grinding flour mill , the blade type diskmill works the same as L type ,but its benefits is the body of this diskmill is the body of diskmill is made of still ,which is more durable and suitable for grinding beans and other vegiterian beside flour.

Blade type diskmill has many types defending on the quantity of blades, the most common ones we sell here are 24blades ,32 blades ,40 blades and 48 blade.