Generator & Alternators

We present our customers the best quality of gasoline generators and A.C synchrounous alternators ,of of single and three phase.

Our gasoline generators are with NOOR brand name and are famous round about all Afghanistan.it is specially designerd for saveing the spendture of fuel consumption ,the stator and rotor is 100% pure cooper with the exact output ,the spareparts of the engine is used from the top spare parts menufacturers of china, which value the engine to warranty the customer for 1 year.

We have deferant types of gasoline generators defending the more and less by kw .

Here are some of the models which are very famous


NOOR1500 , this generator is powerd by gasoline engine of model F154 and the alternator is 1200 w with single phase 220v output 50hz with 12v dc for battery charging. This generator is suitable for home and small office use, the fuel spendture of this model is unique ,in some survey it is told the NOOR1500 lasts 3 hours by 1 litre gasoline.


NOOR3000 ,NOOR4000 this generator is powerd by gasoline engine of model F168 /F177 and the alternator is 2200watt /2800watt

With output of single phase 220v ,50hz and 12v dc for bettery charging ,this generator is with low noise complete pure cooper wire, with enough output and best quality spare parts from chines famous factories.


NOOR3500L ,this generator is designed by german famous generators factory , which is now assembled in Chinese best menufacturers, it has low noise, durable life and modern outlook.

As the NOOR3500L output power is 2500w, 220v, 50hz and battery charging DC output , but we also have higher KW in this model like 5kw and 7 kw.


WP 30 and WP 20 ,a famous japan gasoline waterpumps , which has unique gasoline spendture, and have a very good flow for the suction of 8meter or less , it is easy to carry and have low noise in silencer. The above waterpumps we make with best quality suppliers from china, by brand name of NOOR . recently we have two types of it, WP30 = 3 & WP20 = 2


This series of generators are used in town ,countryside,workside ,mountains and pasture as electric power source for lighting purpose.

The generators are of dripproff with rotary field type and adoping star connection with neutral point. We have two types STC and ST series . the STC output is 3phase 380/420 with 50hz and ST series output is single phase 220v 50hz. They can be driven by v belt or direct coupled in frame by a diesel engine. For these generators we have 3kw ,7.5kw ,10kw,12kw,15kw and 20kw in both st and stc series. We use our own brand for these alternators by name of (NOORPASHTOON) the quality we give with guarantee of 100% output with pure quality cooper wire.


Mhc welding generators /alternators ,are designed specialy for welding purpose for those areas where there is no possibility of electricity ,like mountains, deserts or othere village areas.

It have low weight and can be driven by 7hp engine , can work until 200A of welding and can give the output voltage of 220v DC for grinding ,drilling and other light work ,can also give DC voltage for battery charging. We mostly use the one mode of it ,Mhc 250, which is enough strong for all kind of welding and on any surface.