Lubricants Oil

We supply two deferent brands of lubricants oil , which are famous in Afghanistan now by best quality .


1.MOONSTARS high performance lubricants , this oil is made in the biggest oil industry of U.A.E formulated in Germany ,which is an iso 9000: 2000 QMS company.

The name of lubricants is sample ,but it is many things to learn deeply .we provide the suitable choice of lubricants to our customers, in moonstars field we have 3 catagories of oil .

A.Diesel engine oil API CF/SF

High quality monograde ,heavy –duty diesel engine oil specially designed to lubricate a wide range of trucks buses industries generators with diesel engine oil operating .particularly suitable for engines requiring lubricants characterized by relatively high levels of sulfated ash and alkaline reserve which meet API ,CF ,SF performance lubricates.

  • Benefits and advantages
  • Maximum power output
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Longer oil drain intervals
  • Low oil consumption

Recently we only have 5liters plastic bottles of above oil they comes 6 bottles in 1 carton. 20w50 and 60 degrees are available.

B.motor engine oil

This is a high quality motor oil intended for use in passenger cars that have normally aspirated engines on turbo-charged engines.this oil are most suitable for new cars and light trucks that require multi grade

properties.it meets and exceeds the requirements of API SJ/CF as well as the G5 and PD2 reguirments of CCMC / ACEA

It is designed to provide extra protection against corrosion ,oxidation ,sludge and rust, the built in viscosity imporver protects in extreme weather conditions.

We have 4liter plastic bottles of above oil with 6 bottles in one carton.

15w40 degree are available with us.

C. 4 T motor oil

Premium quality multigrade oil designed for use in passendger cars ,motor cycles gasoline generators and farm machinery especially where multi grade viscosities maybe needed.this oil is fortified against wear and tear as well as oxidation.this oil inhance engine life by reducing metal shearing during extreme conditions. It meets the requirements of engines API SF/CC .

We have 1litre plastic bottles of above oil which contains 24 bottles in one carton.we have 20w50 degree.


Noorpashtoon oil is designed for all types of diesel engines from trucks to small generators, it has economical price and durable quality with API SD standard.

We use the 20w50 ,50 ,60 degrees of these lubricants.

The packing in 6plastic bottles of 5litre each and 30x1litre each are available.